Sunday, August 16, 2015

Desert Landing

As I sit here this morning with coffee in tow, I am looking out my kitchen windows and across yet another beautiful eastern Arizona sky. The soft pinks, deep purples, and miles of blue...mixed with billowing massive thunderheads out towards parts unknown. The sunrises and sunsets here are incredible, and especially not long after a good thunderstorm.

Since my last post here in March my husband and I have done nothing but prepare ourselves and our belongings for the move here. It was exhilarating, frustrating, nerve wracking, scary, and beautiful all at the same time. We made it, but not without much deep digging....and lots of naps thereafter!


Never in a million years did I anticipate falling in love with a state as much as I have with Arizona. It speaks to me in ways that no other state ever has. Though I adore my birth state of Michigan and have enjoyed my beautiful journey through California, hands down Arizona has (and I'm sure will continue to for many years to come) literally taken my breath away!

There is something magical, mystical, raw and deep about this place. A vast yearning, a deep respect, and a profound awe for this incredible land and its beautiful wild creatures. I simply cannot wait to create a space for me here so that I may begin to paint again. I sure will have plenty of inspiration!

Here's to dreams, intentions, wings, and glorious forever roots! S.L.