Thursday, September 26, 2013

Foray Into Watercolor Painting

One of the reasons that I started this blog is that I wanted to document my journey/life in painting and away from the secure and comfortable confines of not only my home but the gallery.  Most if not all of my paintings were/are created entirely in acrylics and some paint pens.  Acrylic paints for me are a “safe” medium.  I can control the paint…the outcome, in my own time with only minor deviations to keep a smooth and happy flow to the process.
Last Summer my friend and fellow exhibiting artist Renee Matter and I took a trip to Pasadena to take in and enjoy the 8th Annual Saturday in the Park with the Masters event; where I was blissfully turned on to the likes of Watercolor art!  It opened my eyes to a medium that had once intimidated me. And because of that mindset, I never attempted to paint with watercolors.  How limiting of me as an artist!  While at the event I felt particularly drawn to a wonderful watercolor artist named Brenda Swenson. I literally could have stood the whole day and watched her create her amazing pieces of art.  It started something within me that I’m only now beginning to realize.

A year later and when I decided to teach myself watercolor painting, I look back on Brenda’s artwork, and the event, and smile.  It’s interesting how circumstances and memories stay with you for a reason.
I’ve started to gather together my watercolor supplies and I have been playing with the flow of pigment and water….beginning to establish a style of my own.  It’s quite a beautiful experience actually, and I only wish that I would have tried it a long time ago. 

As I look at the calendar now, I see that October is fast approaching and the time where Renee and I will be making our daytrip travel plans, packing up our painting supplies, and heading outdoors to paint Southern California!  I could not be more excited!
Here’s to embracing new things!....SL

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