Monday, November 18, 2013

Watercolor Study

To me there is nothing more cathartic than to be in nature.  Even as a child, my mother would take my sister and me for “nature walks” back home in Michigan.  I was always so enchanted by the soft sounds of the trees as they moved within a breeze, the many birds, butterflies and other forest critters milling about, and also the excitement of finding something new.

One afternoon while Renee and I were walking about Monrovia Canyon Park, we stopped at a clearing to take a break and I noticed this lone sapling standing quietly in the foreground of a rather dense area of trees.  It spoke to me.  This young sapling with its many arms stretched high and wide and growing strong, and set right in the middle of this small clearing just begging to be painted.

'Little Sapling'

I’m so very thrilled that I overcame a few fears of the unknown, a few frustrations and pitfalls, and such incredibly lovely ‘ah hah’ moments, to embrace this watercolor medium fully.  It has been such an empowering choice in my life and I can now look back upon this time, and for many years to come, and be grateful for not only the opportunity afforded to me but for the many gifts I’ve been given to pursue my love of painting.

Here’s to being thankful…for everything! SL

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