Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas

What an incredible year it has been.  As I write this I am reminded of the many experiences I have been fortunate enough to be part of, decisions that I’ve made to further my knowledge of art techniques and mediums, the prospects of a small jewelry making business, and the blessings of sales this year through the gallery.  There were definitely many ‘pinch me’ moments that filled me with an abundance of humbleness and gratitude, and compelled me to keep going, keep creating, keep sharing.

I have so many wonderful ideas that I’m looking forward to sharing here; ideas for new artwork in 2014, many more art festivals and shows to experience, and plenty of road trips to document that I know will keep me busy painting next year.  I’m very excited to say the least!

And I want to thank you, the visitor to my blog.  And to those of you who have signed up to receive these blog posts in your emails.  Since my first blog post three months ago I’ve had over one thousand views! I am so grateful for your interest and your support.

So stay tuned folks!  2014 promises to be a year of great inspiration and sharing.  I truly hope you will join me in this journey of discovery and artistic self-expression.

Here’s to the beauty and awe of the season, and all of the blessings it brings!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! SL


Thursday, December 5, 2013

My First Love

Now that the months are considerably cooler, (hard freeze warnings were posted here for the valley this morning!), it seems that it is time to take my artwork back indoors for a while.  I will really miss the beauty and the solitude of Southern California’s local mountains and my painting day trips with Renee, but I am ready to embrace my little studio room here at the house once again and work on new projects. 

Venturing into my studio, I found my case of acrylics that had been stashed away for the summer/fall months.  Acrylics were my first love when I started to seriously paint many years ago.  They are like an old friend or a comfy pair of jeans.  They just feel good!  And truth be told I’ve missed working with them so much. 
I was inspired the other day by a memory I had of a cruise my husband and I took to Ensenada, Mexico several years ago; especially while we were still at sea and moving along seamlessly atop the deep blue Pacific Ocean.  Our last day at sea the ship cruised much slower than it normally had been for the previous three days of our journey.  And then the ship “docked” for a while at sea; giving all the passengers’ ample time to take in the faraway landscapes and the seascapes.  It was truly a beautiful moment. And it was also then that I was able to take in the scenery of Catalina Island.  I had never been to that destination before but what I saw from the sea, I wouldn’t soon forget.  It was nearly nightfall and the sun had begun its ascension into the horizon.  Low lights from the town twinkled and played along the shoreline and further inland. The moon peeked through the clouds above and shed milky light upon the water.  I could only imagine what fun visitors to the island were experiencing that evening and while I quietly watched from my deck chair.  Not sure how far out we were docked, but it gave the viewer a wistful, magical feel to the landscape. 

When I stepped away from the easel last night, laid down my brushes and looked upon my view of Catalina, I felt embraced by such wonderful memories.   
'Catalina' – Acrylics on Paper
 Here’s to taking out the good things we’ve stored away, and reveling in the deliciousness! SL

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