Tuesday, January 21, 2014


One thing about my “style” of painting, and what seems to irritate people the most (especially fellow artists oddly enough), is that I never stick to one particular type of artwork.  I can’t honestly.  I am a very restless person by nature and I get bored very quickly when doing one thing over and over. If asked about my style I usually try my best to explain in kind, or just hand them my business card that includes a link to this blog.

If I do a series of paintings in similar styles it’s only because I have a number of pieces for that one particular style in my head.  However that becomes tedious after about 6 or 7 pieces and then I must switch to something else.  You could have visited this blog a few weeks ago and viewed an acrylic piece or a watercolor piece, and then a week later something else.  It’s who I am folks.  Who knows, one day you may show up here and I’ve done something in the pottery realm. :)

'Balance' Acrylics on Paper
 “Balance” came to me a few days ago while I was playing with acrylics, a few large brushes and spatulas, a toothbrush, and a spray bottle.  As the paint started to shift, separate, morph, and then settle into the paper I was pleasantly surprised.  I was just playing with colors and trying to get comfortable with integrating brighter and more vivid paints into my artwork.  Stepping away from the easel it seemed to become something that I could actually frame and show. I have two art shows coming up in 2014 (details coming soon), so I think I’ll get to work on a few more!

Here’s to relishing in your precious individuality, and loving who you are! SL

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blooming Inspirations

I never know when the inspiration for my artwork will arise.  Sometimes a song I hear will generate quick visions or memories for me to create or recreate.  Sometimes vivid dreams will compel me to leave my comfy bed in the middle of the night and begin to work on something.  I am grateful to all of these moments as they have led me to begin and to complete some of my very favorite pieces of art.

A week or so ago before Christmas I was sitting quietly in my living room reading a book that I’d just recently downloaded entitled, Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.  This book is filled with rich and beautiful stories of the Goddesses of Yoga.  How to invite them into your prayers and meditations, and in turn, into your life.  I was completely enchanted by each story, but felt particularly drawn to Lakshmi that day.  She seemed to embody all that I was so very fond of, and of particular women in my life who have brought me so much joy.

As I read, I wondered what art I could create to honor this beautiful feeling of perfect love, and Lakshmi’s presence in my heart.  Just then, a faint female voice barely above a whisper said, “Lilies….”  Filled with excitement, I quickly left my chair and book and ventured into my studio room to begin creating.

'Lakshmi's Lilies'
Pastels on paper

In the days that followed that precious whisper, I continued to work on Lakshmi’s Lilies.  Each touch of color seemed to compel the flowers and the butterfly to emerge from the paper.  At one point I actually thought the butterfly slightly fanned her wings! I felt such a sense of awe and accomplishment when I finished it.  Reverence to the Goddess indeed!

Here’s to listening to that voice in your heart, and following what inspires you! SL

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