Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bird Woman

I have been fascinated with birds for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl I remember my mother pointing out to me the different varieties of wild birds that inhabited our backyard; and as we stood together looking out the kitchen window.  Most Sunday mornings in the summertime she and I would walk down to Maceday Lake to sit on the dock and watch the geese come in. The water was so pristine at that time of the morning; like a sheet of glass reflecting the surrounding wooded areas and homes that circled the lake.  Time just stood still and I became enchanted as I listened to the many songs and calls overhead and in the shading trees.   My mother would always tell me that you could judge most outdoor situations by how the birds were behaving….an approaching storm, nearby predators, etc.

Last year while sitting out on my patio I began to take a more intense interest in our local backyard birds here in Southern California.  That particular morning they were all flittering and fluttering about and calling out as if to say, “Look at me!...remember, remember?!”  A fine dance of the lot of them.  I suddenly had that beautiful childhood feeling all over again. The awe, the slowing down and noticing. Recognizing and appreciating all the fragility and all the beauty that I take for granted most days.
'Northern Cardinal' Pencil on sketch pad
'Ash-throated Flycatcher'  Pencil on sketch pad.
So it seemed only natural to me to pick up my art supplies and to begin a personal study of birds. I started learning about the conservation of wetlands, grasslands, and endangered habitats. I ordered birding identification books and downloaded bird calls and songs to my Kindle Fire and my cellphone.  It has truly become one of the great passions of mine that I know I will enjoy for many years to come!
Here’s to becoming absolutely enthralled in something about which you have a profound connection with! SL

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