Friday, August 22, 2014

Returning To Her

The first time that I sat down and contemplated pursuing my artwork on a more serious level, and then sharing that fruit with the rest of the art scene, was about five or six years ago.   I remember thinking at the time about what it was that I wanted my art to convey….where I wanted it to take me.  I have always been attracted to the female form and of female spirituality in general. In the many ways that women express themselves.  The dark and the light, the hard edges and the soft curves, the high happiness and the deep sorrow.  We are unique creatures to say the least.  I decided then to paint female inspired art and with a dash of hard abstract and a sprinkling of soft expressionism.  Parts of me, parts of them.  Some themed and some random.

A few weeks ago I found myself returning to my female inspired art and loving the feeling of getting lost in the energy and flow once again.  She has never failed me….
'Creation Song'
Acrylics and pastels on watercolor sheet.
Here’s to following that song in your heart…wherever it may lead! SL

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