Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where They Began

As I sit here creating this document for publication, I'm still struck by the fact that it's been six years since I seriously started creating my feminine inspired artwork. I can't fully explain how I came to put brush to canvas and then to begin on this journey of absolute adoration, but I do know that it started with a love of abstract artwork and a whole lot of inspiration from the women in my life.

2009 was a pivitol year in my life for reasons that have long since lost their gravity and importance, and also a year that I was tossing around the idea of who I was as an artist and what I wanted to convey through my artwork. I was at a crossroads and staring at that definitive line of "it's now or never" in every stretch of the imagination. I chose now....thankfully...

Below are the original four pieces that accompanied me into a world that to this day I do not know what I would do without, and had seen me through a hell of a lot of internal struggle over the years. They allowed me to express myself in ways that I never could have imagined that I'd ever be able to, and put a peace in my heart and soul that no conventional means ever could. These originals have long since been sold or gifted, and I am so grateful and thankful that they hang in homes from Michigan to North Carolina to California.

'The Queen of Hearts'

'Mardi Gras'
'Jamie's Song'

Here's to the beauty and the healing of reflection! S.L.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Natural Expressions

Most days I'm thinking about painting, planning a painting, or throwing paint onto something. There are times however that I need a break from easel and brush. And when I do need a breather from the aforementioned, I still need an avenue of creativity. Photography plays well into this diversion.

I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination nor do I ever envision myself pursuing such a craft as my only mode of creativity. But I do absolutely adore black and white photography and I love to find interesting places and things to photograph.

Angeles National Forest - Santa Clarita, California

I've also discovered that when I'm most inclined to grab my trusty little eight year old point-and-shoot, is when I am outside. The great and wonderous outdoors absolutely lends itself to black and white photography.

Angeles National Forest - Santa Clarita California
No lighting issues. Just a day with nature's miraculous canvas. Pure heaven.

Kensington Metropark - Milford, Michigan
Commerce Township, Michigan
Here's to embracing the many ways and means of creativity! S.L.

Desert Landing

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